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Training of Trainers 

...The very first Arabic training of Mindfulness Facilitators is on its way

As MiA finishes launching our first 8-week online course for refugees, we are also developing a 3 stage Training of Trainers (ToT) for diverse Arabic speaking Mindfulness Practitioners.  The first Arabic-language training of its kind, it will prepare Arabic speaking professionals to facilitate MiA’s unique Trauma and Culturally Sensitive Mindfulness curriculum. The trainers will be the human backbone of MiA, embodying our online content, offering day-to-day support in refugee camps and Arabic speaking communities, teaching basic Mindfulness courses in Arabic in the field, as well as providing sorely needed trauma-informed Mindfulness support to Humanitarian personnel.


Click here to make a U.S. tax-deductible donation to benefit the MiA ToT !


The three stage program will include:

  • Mindfulness Basics: the Why and Where from a Facilitators’ view

  • Trauma and Resiliency: theory and basic skills for Trauma-Sensitive teaching

  • Teaching skills: Lesson planning, understanding group dynamics, motivation and more…


All these tools are based in a Mind-Body approach with somatic cues, psycho-physical understandings, emotional intelligence, and of course years of Cross Cultural work within Arabic speaking communities across the Middle East.

If you or someone you may be  Interested in Joining the ToT, if you would like to make a European tax-deductible donation, or if you would like more information in general please contact us at

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