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Hi there,

The page that follows is the translation of MiA Module 1. This English version is for our friends and donors to have a firsthand taste of our work, both in content and in style. We do hope you will enjoy looking around, reading, experiencing and noting the trauma informed design and metaphors chosen. Please note: there are some differences here - In the English version, for the meditations which are recorded and meant to be listened to, we have provided only transcripts. Furthermore, only the first of our eight modules will be available in English, as it is important for us, in the time being, to direct our resources specifically to the Arabic content. All that said, we would love to hear your feedback!

Welcome and congratulations! You've just made your first step towards more peace of mind. We're excited to share with you our very first module. To begin, please make sure you are in a quiet space, where you can read and/or listen with ease, for at least 15 minutes. We suggest using simple headphones! And maybe you would like to have a notebook and pen handy (though not a must). Please download and read the following document before proceeding to your first recorded meditation. Let's begin

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Intro to Mindfulness

session 1

Decluttering inner space - MiA
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Decluttering Inner Space

session 2


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Mindfulness and Refugees

session 3


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Body Position for Meditation

session 4

Breath and Body - MiA
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Breath and Body

session 5

Loving Kindness - MiA
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Loving Kindness

session 6


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session 7


Thank you! And congratulations for walking with us through this full week! We hope it has given you some curiosity and motivation to join us for the next 7 weeks of Mindfulness in Arabic. 


Inshallah you will use these small yet vital gifts throughout your daily life. Even with just these initial exercises, we believe you will be surprised by how much they may positively affect you when practiced daily. 


Choose one or two and a time in the day you can give ten minutes to yourself. Try it out over 14 days, maybe even 21; that's our recommendation for making it a healthy habit. And yet we know it is not always easy to do ...  so stay curious and kind to what you can.

Remember, we are curious as to how and where you will find them beneficial!


Hang in there, we believe it will be worthwhile and that the next MiA week will be even more juicy, we hope to see you there! 

Stay curious for an Olive Meditation... 


So please write to us (:


Blessings for the way: May your path will be eased and your pain will be relieved and the doors will be open for you, wherever you are.

Thanks! Message sent.

session 8



You have finished the first week!

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