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مشروع اليقظة في اللغة العربية

Finding calm in the midst of chaos
العثور على الهدوء في خضم الفوضى


عن المشروع

For the first time ever, a full 8-week free-of-charge mindfulness course in Arabic will be launched online, providing Arabic-speaking refugees vital tools for easing the trauma of facing and fleeing violence.

Come help us make a difference in the life of others. 

We have been asked to manifest a Train the Trainer course for teachers and facilitators from the Arabic population. This is a first of its kind; to support our online Mindfulness in Arabic course, interactively, and to support courses in Refugee centers in vivo in the Middle East, Europe, and over the net.

Through offering mindfulness teachings in their native tongue, we hope to support a sense of clarity and heart in their daily life challenges; transition, communication and decision making in the foreign unknown.

Join the world's leading mindfulness teachers and centers in supporting the campaign for Mindfulness in Arabic (MiA)!

Uniquely Trauma informed, Mindfulness & Culturally sensitive.

لأول مرة، دورة تأمل واعي مجانية لمدة 8 أسابيع كاملة في اللغة العربية، مباشرة على الإنترنت، لتوفير أدوات حيوية للتخفيف من حدة الصدمات في مواجهة العنف على أشكاله، خصيصا للاجئين العرب.


هيا... ساعدونا على إحداث فرق في حياة الآخرين.


لقد طُلِبَ منا تقديم دورة "لتدريب المدربين" للمعلمين والميسرين من السكان العرب، هذا النشاط الأول من نوعه لدعم دورة التأمل الواعي باللغة العربية على الانترنت بشكل فعال ودعم دورات في مراكز اللاجئين بشكل شخصي في الشرق الأوسط، أوروبا وعبر الإنترنت.


كلنا أمل بأن نستطيع دعمهم في مواجهة تحديات الحياة اليومية مِثِلْ: النزوح، واتخاذ القرارات في الغربة المجهولة، مِن خلال تعلم موضوع التأمل الواعي في لغتهم ألأم.


انضموا إلى القيادة العالمية لمعلمي التأمل الواعي والمراكز التي تدعم حملة التمويل الجماعي لمشروع التأمل الواعي في (ميا MiA) اللغة العربية !


هذا التأمل الواعي مصمم خصيصا مع مراعاة للعادات والتقاليد



The Mindfulness in Arabic project (MiA) aims to build a website that will offer an eight-week Mindfulness course in Arabic, designed for refugees and people in transition. Any person with internet access may enter the website, free of charge, anywhere around the world. The course will provide practical tools and exercises tailored specifically to support a shaken population that suffered traumas of fear, death and extreme violence.

The website will also provide tools for therapists, social workers, welfare and volunteers who are currently working with refugee populations, so that they may use mindfulness based tools for their own needs in coping with work stress and related DP camp difficult experiences, as well as passing them on to their clients.


أن يزود مشروع اليقظة باللغة العربية "ميا - MiA " دورة يقظة باللغة العربية على مدار ثمانية أسابيع, مصممة خصيصا للاجئين والنازحين. كل شخص مزود بالإنترنت يمكنه دخول الموقع مجانا أينما كان في جميع أنحاء العالم. هذه الدورة ستوفر أدوات عملية وتمارين ملائمة خصيصا لدعم الأشخاص والمجتمعات التي تعاني مِن صدمات الخوف, الموت والعنف على أشكاله.


والموقع أيضا سيوفر آليات للمعالجين, العمال الاجتماعيين, فاعلي الخير والمتطوعين اللذين يعملون مع اللاجئين, يمكنهم استعمال الآليات الأساسية لليقظة لمساعدة أنفسهم في مواجهة حالات الضغط الذي يمرون بها مِن خلال تجاربهم الصعبة داخل المخيمات, وتمريرها أيضا للناس اللذين يعالجونهم.


Our initial road map

Testimonies from MiA participants 


Big thanks to everyone who helped create our videos: Gabi Fosbery, Keren Dunietz, Gil Ben-Yaacob, Rafi Carmeli, Carmel Shalev, Nadim Hamed, Ingrid Otepka

OUR SUPPORTERS      الداعمين لنا

Jon Kabat-Zinn
Tara Brach
Jack Kornfield
Shinzen Young
Christopher Titmuss
Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, Bangor University
Mindfulness Center
Mindful Magazine
Creative Mondfulness.jpg
The institute for Creative Mindfulness
Headspace - meditation made simple
Embodiment in Arabic


Anchor 1
    Mindfulness in Arabic, in addition to doing critical community support work, is setting an inspiring example for all who are doing mindfulness training work anywhere in the world today. You are demonstrating how mindfulness is not just for the privileged few but for everyone, and how it serves as a foundational skill enabling our world’s most challenged communities to work with stress and build resilience. I’m particularly inspired by your methodology of training Arabic community leaders as program facilitators and thus showing how mindfulness respects the inherent wisdom in all human beings no matter their race, color, or culture. Please keep up this important work; it’s important for those you serve and also important to inspire others throughout the world to follow your example.
- James Gimian -
"I Feel a positive change with my automatic responses...Especially with anger, in the past I would reach level 10 anger, now I only reach level 5, and i'm able to calm myself and even be communicative. It works. When the automatic responses eased, i gained new insight and behaviors. A new space was formed within me. I'm now more attentive to my two baby daughters, and my time with them is better spent."
" أشعر بتغيير ايجابي في ردود فعلي التلقائية... وخاصة مع الغضب, في الماضي كان يمكن أن تصل درجة الغضب لدي إلى 10, بينما الآن تصل إلى درجة 5, ولدي القدرة على تهدئة نفسي لدرجة يمكنني فيها التواصل. هذا يعمل. عندما تخف ردود الفعل التلقائية, أنا أربح شيئين: رؤية الأمور مِن منظار جديد وتصرف مغاير. تتكون مساحة جديدة في داخلي, أنا الآن واعية أكثر لما يدور مع طفلتي, وأقضي وقتا أفضل معهما.

SAHIRA ساهرة


Meet The Team

Juditta Ben David

جوديتا بن دافيد

MiA Project founder and director
مؤسسة ومديرة مشروع "ميا"

Psychotherapist and international lecturer in the field of Mindfulness-based treatment of trauma and resiliency building; MBSE, CRM, DARe, SE, EMDR. Meditator and  advanced instructor of mindfulness and compassion practices. MBSR, MSC, and more.
Volunteered with Syrian and Kurdish refugees and their counselors since 2014.

Juditta is the ToWo & MiA director and senior trainer, and a cross cultural group facilitator. Trained professionals in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East since 2000.

She is also a singer and an authentic movement facilitator.

Nadia Giol

ناديا جيول

Translator and meditation facilitator
مترجمة ومُيسرة لموضوع التأمل

Nadia is an NVC facilitator and group leader, and on the International training for NVC (Non-Violent Communication) teachers.

She studied special Ed, is a therapist and teacher of Reiki, and Healing.

Nadia Is 43 years old, married and mother of two daughters, Lives in Nazareth Ilit. Originally from the Safuria village, today the Tzipori moshav.

Nadia has many years of experience with cross cultural group work.

Dr. Jumana Milhem

دكتورة جمانا ملحم

Translator and meditation facilitator
مترجمة ومُيسرة لموضوع التأمل

Jumana is a psychiatrist and researcher in the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa. As part of her profession, she has volunteered in the West Bank with patients suffering from mental problems and with Syrian refugees in Greece. 

Jumana lives in the Galilee, and has been practicing meditation, and Mindfulness since about 11 years. She is also a painter.

Elias studied Business Administration with a specialization in Finance, and has worked in a wide variety of analytical roles.

His curiosity about how the world works and our existence led him to dig deeper into Eastern philosophy. Consequently introducing him to powerful practices and tools like Mindfulness and Meditation. Elias has many different interests and creative pursuits in life, and a passion for technology, psychology, economics, and social innovation.

Anchor 2

ToWo Group

ToWo Group is a nonprofit group that was founded in light of the need to provide specialized training for rural women, refugees and displaced people.

Founded in South Africa in 2006 as a joint feminine Israeli-African venture, ToWo Group consists of a cross cultural team, Israelis and Palestinians; Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and Druze professional women, experienced in: mindfulness, trauma and resiliency (SE CRM MBSE), cross-cultural group work, nonviolent communication (NVC) and media in art.

ToWo’s experience with women multi faith groups in Africa and the Middle East has shown that Mindfulness-based tools can empower and instill clarity in the individual and her circles, which in turn supports the building of resiliency, civic society, and communication.

مجموعة طوبو


مجموعة طوبو هي جمعية لأهداف غير ربحية, تأسست في ضوء الحاجة لتوفير التدريب المهني للنساء الريفيات, اللاجئين والنازحين. تأسست في جنوب أفريقيا سنة 2006, كمشروع لنساء إسرائيليات وأفريقيات مغامرات, مجموعة طوبو تتكون من فريق نساء مهني متعدد الثقافات: فلسطين وإسرائيل ومن ديانات مختلفة: البوذية, اليهودية, الإسلامية, المسيحية, والدرزية. لديهن الخبرة في مواضيع عدة: اليقظة, الصدمة والمرونة ( SE CRM MBCE),العمل مع مجموعات متعددة الحضارات, التواصل اللاعنفي (NVC), والعلاج عن طريق الفن.


تجربة مجموعة طوبو مع نساء من ديانات وعقائد مختلفة في أفريقيا والشرق الأوسط أثبتت: بأن الآليات الأساسية لموضوع اليقظة يُمكنها تعزيز وغرس الوضوح لدى الفرد ومحيطه, وهذا يتحول إلى دعم لبناء مرونة ,مجتمع مدني وتواصل.

Hider Shaaban

حيدر شعبان

Psychotherapist, translator
معالج نفسي ، مترجم
Professional 4x4.png

Hider is a therapist and a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology at La Salle University in Philadelphia, PA, USA.  He is originally from Iraq, and moved to the United States as a refugee in 2009.  Hider has a special interest in treating adults with trauma and anxiety disorders, identity development, and other issues related to multiculturalism, using mindfulness, among other therapeutic styles.

Afrayem "Fry" Morgan

إفراييم مورغان


Fry is a psychiatry resident at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina, USA. He received his MBBCh from the Cairo University School of Medicine, Egypt.  He implements mindfulness extensively with his patients, both in the hospital and the outpatient settings, and works in research on the involvement of mindfulness in brain mechanisms of pain and health at the Wake Forest School of Medicine. Fry has been practicing mindfulness meditation for the past three years, and is an outspoken advocate for its efficacy and benefits.

מאזן מסובב.JPG

Mazin Mahmad Ayub

مازن محمد أيوب

A father of 7, a husband, an elder.
مدير مدرسة سابقا ومُيسر مجموعات

For 48 years was a high school principle, in ShefarAm, & a group work facilitator.

Long time spritual student.

Now a Mindfulness instructor in the jail system, a cross cultural civic society activist, & an Arabic teacher for peace and reconcilliation.

A dedicated MiA volunteer.


Reem Othman

ريم عُثمان

Translator and meditation facilitator
مترجمة ومُيسرة لموضوع التأمل

Reem is a student counselor. M.A in Human services from university of haifa. Research student of marriages between minors at the time of the Ottoman Empire at the University of Haifa.

Our Amazing Volunteers

Arafat Naamneh
عرفات نعامنة

Healer and Translator
معالج في الطاقة ومترجم

Arafat has a M.A degree in political sciences, lives in Arrabah city and works as a freelancer in translation between Hebrew and Arabic in several fields. In addition Arafat is working with energy washout healing according to the Dr. Nader Butto method. He has been practicing meditations for many years now and is self taught.


Elias Bitar

الياس بيطار

Strategy & Product Analyst
محلل استراتيجي ومنتج

Sevin Seda Güney

سيبين سيدا جونيي

Registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist, MA, RDMP
معالجة عن طريق الحركة والرقص

S. Seda Güney is a professional member of ADMP, UK (Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy, UK) and a registered dance movement psychotherapist trained in London, currently based in Istanbul. She developed trainings and workshop programs in trauma rehabilitation for refugee children, co-authored a book chapter called "Holding Hope: Rehabilitation of Syrian refugee children through art, music and dance movement therapy" published by Routledge (2017, UK). Seda is a board member of Arts Psychotherapies Association in Turkey.

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-13 at 21.31.25_ed

Elana Leopold

إيلانا ليوبولد

Programs Manager
مسؤولة عن الموقع في الانترنت ومديرة المشروع

Elana is a yoga and Feldenkrais Method instructor, regular-ish mindfulness practitioner, speaker of 4 languages and explorer of life. She spent the last two years living in and managing EcoME Center for Peace and Sustainability, Jericho Area,  an experiment in building community and peace and an opportunity she is internally grateful for. Having grown-up in New York City, she now prefers the quiet of being surrounded by nature. 


Meir Jean

مئيير جين

Webmaster & Meditation Practitioner
مدير لموقع الانترنت وممارس لموضوع التأمل

Meir has been introduced to insight meditation some eighteen years ago. He's grateful for its positive effects in his own life & is keen on helping apply it for the good.

Meir lives & works in Nigeria as an IT manager for a local company there.

Maya photo.jpg

Maya Leshkowitz

مايا ليشكوبيتس

Researcher, Writer
كاتب, باحث

I am a Phd student at the Cognitive Science department in the Hebrew University with background in mathematics and computer science. I am interested in understanding how people form opinions and make decisions, and how unconscious mechanisms affect these processes. I also enjoy painting, dancing and meditating.

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-17 at 13.33.47 (1

Shirin Ghanadry-Elias

شيرين الياس- غنادري

Born in Rama Village, in the Upper Galilee of Israel/Palestine.   Multi-disciplinary mind-body-spirit therapist, certified in the methods from the House of Access Consciousness. Director of Noral - A therapeutic spiritual center for individuals and families. My "mission" is to spread light and love in the world. Mindfulness has come to me in many places in my life - I studied Mindfulness in University and have incorporated it into my work and treatments. During the time that I ran a therapeutic boarding school for at risk teenage girls, I taught a Mindfulness course for school administrators while also bringing the practice more and more into my personal life. Today I facilitate group Mindfulness courses and include the practice in private sessions as well. 

Ilana Meallem

إيلانا معلم

Project Manager, Ceremonial Leader
مديرة مشروع، ومُيسرة طقوس

Ilana has been active for 15 years in connecting people with one another, with the Earth and with themselves. She has worked throughout the Middle East, initiated and co-led retreats on personal growth, earth based spirituality, environmental sustainability, leadership and outdoor adventure. She is one of the co-founders of the EcoME Center for Peace and Sustainably, Jericho area. 

Meditation Narrator and Facilitator
مُترجمة ومُيسرة التأمل



• The Migration Conference, September 2020

           Held in North Macedonia and over Zoom


• The Embodiment Conference, October 2020

           Held over Zoom


• Migration, Adaptation, and Memory Conference,     November 2020

           Held in Poland and over Zoom


• A Mindful Society Conference, April 2021

           Held in Canada and over Zoom


• The International Mindfulness Conference, July 2021

           Held in Denmark and over Zoom


• Embodiment in Arabic Conference, October 2021

           We are an admin collaborator of the conference


• From Idea to Action, Initiatives that Support Life

   Conference, November 2021

           Held in Tel Aviv

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